Authors and Credits

PlasmaPy Coordinating Committee

  • Drew Leonard

  • Nick Murphy

  • Tulasi Parashar

  • Dominik Stańczak

PlasmaPy Contributors

The people in the following list have contributed to PlasmaPy. Included in parentheses are ORCID author identifiers.

This list contains contributors to PlasmaPy’s core package and vision statement, including a few people who do not show up as PlasmaPy contributors on GitHub. If you made a contribution that was merged and your name is missing from the list, your information is incorrect, or you do not wish to be listed, then please submit a pull request or email

Other Credits

  • The PlasmaPy Community thanks the SunPy and Astropy communities for inspiring this project in the first place, providing much helpful advice, and showing examples of how to build a community-wide open source scientific software package.


Some of the contributions to PlasmaPy have been directly or indirectly supported by funding from the following institutions and programs:

  • Department of Energy (US)

  • Google Summer of Code

  • National Science Foundation (US)

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (US)

  • Smithsonian Institution