Plasma parameters (plasmapy.physics.parameters)

This module gathers basic and general plasma parameters such as the plasma frequency or Debye length.


mass_density(density[, particle, z_mean])

Utility function to merge two possible inputs for particle charge.

Alfven_speed(B, density[, ion, z_mean])

Return the Alfvén speed.

ion_sound_speed(T_e, T_i[, gamma_e, …])

Return the ion sound speed for an electron-ion plasma.

thermal_speed(T[, particle, method, mass])

Return the most probable speed for a particle within a Maxwellian distribution.

thermal_pressure(T, n)

Return the thermal pressure for a Maxwellian distribution.

kappa_thermal_speed(T, kappa[, particle, method])

Return the most probable speed for a particle within a Kappa distribution.

Hall_parameter(n, T, B, ion_particle[, …])

Calculate the ratio between the particle gyrofrequency and the particle-ion particle collision rate.

gyrofrequency(B[, particle, signed, Z, to_hz])

Calculate the particle gyrofrequency in units of radians per second.

gyroradius(B[, particle, Vperp, T_i])

Return the particle gyroradius.

plasma_frequency(n[, particle, z_mean, to_hz])

Calculate the particle plasma frequency.

Debye_length(T_e, n_e)

Calculate the characteristic decay length for electric fields,

Debye_number(T_e, n_e)

Return the number of electrons within a sphere with a radius of the Debye length.

inertial_length(n, particle)

Calculate a charged particle’s inertial length.


Calculate the magnetic pressure.


Calculate the magnetic energy density.

upper_hybrid_frequency(B, n_e[, to_hz])

Return the upper hybrid frequency.

lower_hybrid_frequency(B, n_i[, ion, to_hz])

Return the lower hybrid frequency.