plasmapy.physics.parameters.Hall_parameter(n, T, B, ion_particle, particle='e-', coulomb_log=None, V=None, coulomb_log_method='classical')

Calculate the ratio between the particle gyrofrequency and the particle-ion particle collision rate.

All parameters apply to particle.

  • n (Quantity) – The density of particle s
  • T (Quantity) – The temperature of particles
  • B (Quantity) – The magnetic field
  • ion_particle (str) – String signifying the type of ion.
  • particle (str, optional) – String signifying the type of particles. Defaults to electrons.
  • coulomb_log (float, optional) – Preset value for the Coulomb logarithm. Used mostly for testing purposes.
  • V (Quantity) – The relative velocity between particle and ion particles.
  • coulomb_log_method (str, optional) – Method used for Coulomb logarithm calculation. Refer to its documentation.

See also

plasmapy.physics.parameters.gyrofrequency(), plasmapy.physics.parameters.fundamental_electron_collision_freq(), plasmapy.physics.transport.Coulomb_logarithm()

Return type:astropy.units.quantity.Quantity