Release Guide

This document describes the procedure for making a release of PlasmaPy. This document is under development and should be updated during all releases.

Release Tasks

The following is a partial list of tasks to be performed for each release. This list is currently under development. Developers should expand the instructions while performing each release, and may use Astropy's release procedures for guidance.

  • Update CHANGE_LOG.rst
  • Update RELEASE_NOTES.rst
  • Update docs/credits.rst to include new contributors
  • Edit plasmapy/ to remove .dev from version
  • Update astropy_helpers to the most recent release
  • Create a new branch for the release that is separate from the master branch
  • Merge (via fast-forward merge with git merge --ff-only) changes from master into stable
  • Make sure all tests pass
  • Make the release on PyPI
  • Make the release on conda-forge
  • Mint a release on Zenodo and get a digital object identifier (DOI)
  • Alert plasma physics communities about the release