Plasmapy v0.6.0 (2021-03-14)

The people who have contributed to the code for this release are:

  • Anthony Vo

  • Dhawal Modi *

  • Dominik Stańczak

  • Drozdov David *

  • Erik Everson

  • Kevin Montes *

  • Nick Murphy

  • Peter Heuer

  • Ramiz Qudsi

  • Tiger Du

Where a * indicates their first contribution to PlasmaPy.

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • The State namedtuple was changed to the plasmapy.particles.IonicFraction class. (Note: #1046 subsequently changed that to IonicLevel). (#796)

  • Now, when the IonizationState class is provided with an ion, the ionic fraction for that ion is set to 100% for the corresponding element or isotope. (#796)

  • AtomicError was renamed to ParticleError and MissingAtomicDataError was renamed to MissingParticleDataError. (#796)

  • In plasmapy.particles, the IonizationStates class was renamed to IonizationStateCollection. Argument n of IonizationStates was changed to n0 in IonizationStateCollection. (#796)

  • Moved and refactored error message formatting functionality from plasmapy.utils.error_messages to plasmapy.utils.code_repr. (#920)

  • Renamed the available “methods” for computing the Coulomb logarithm in an attempt to make the names more explicit. This is implemented using the method keyword for functions Coulomb_logarithm and impact_parameter, and then propogated throughout the functionality in plasmapy.formulary.collisions. (#962)

  • Add dependency pandas >= 1.0.0. Modify xarray dependency to be xarray >= 0.14.0. (#963)

  • The AbstractGrid property grid is now dimensioned (has units) and cannot be accessed if all dimensions do not share the same units. (#981)

  • Renamed attribute is_uniform_grid on AbstractGrid to is_uniform. (#981)

  • Drop Python 3.6 support. (#987)

  • The __getitem__ method of AbstractGrid now returns a Quantity array instead of a reference to a xarray.DataArray. (#1027)

  • Renamed IonicFraction to IonicLevel. This lays groundwork for future changes, where that class is going to become more than a fraction. (#1046)

Deprecations and Removals

  • The particle attribute of Particle has been deprecated in favor of the new symbol attribute. The particle attribute now issues a FutureWarning to indicate that it will be removed in a future release. (#984)


Bug Fixes

Improved Documentation

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • Removed colorama as a dependency. (#920)

  • Moved remaining CI from CircleCI to GitHub Actions. (#996)

  • Add notebook CI through nbqa. (#997)

  • Remove lambda expressions from plasmapy.particles and plasmapy.utils. (#1013)

  • Add unicode particle aliases for electrons ("β-", "β⁻"), muons ("μ-", "μ⁻"), anti-muons ("μ+", "μ⁺"), tau particles ("τ", "τ-", "τ⁻"), anti-tau particles ("τ+", "τ⁺") electron neutrinos ("ν_e"), muon neutrinos ("ν_μ"), tau neutrinos ("ν_τ"), and alpha particles ("α"). (#1036)

  • A set containing all valid particle categories may now be accessed via plasmapy.particles.particle_class.Particle.is_category.valid_categories. (#1039)

  • Properly handled warnings in (#1050)