Plasmapy 0.7.dev39+g092e32bd (2021-05-29)

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • Remove alias: tfds_ to two_fluid_dispersion_solution, with the reasoning behind the removal outlined in #1101 (#1101)

Deprecations and Removals


Bug Fixes

  • Made Particle instances pickleable. (#1122)

  • Fixed the behavior of Chandrasekhar_G at very small and very large argument values. (#1125)

Improved Documentation

  • Improved consistency of documentation style and made reStructuredText fixes in several subpackages. (#1073)

  • The release guide now includes a pre-release section. This section adds steps for having a feature freeze about a week before the release and a code freeze about two days before the release. (#1081)

  • Create the sphinx extension package plasmapy_sphinx and use it to replace sphinx_automodapi. plasmapy_sphinx creates directives automodapi and automodsumm to replace the same directives defined by sphinx_automodapi. Documentation is updated so the slight syntax differences in the newly defined directives will still render the same as before. (#1105)

  • The term “integer charge” has been replaced in the documentation with the term “charge number”. (#1136)

  • Implement a framework to define and use common Sphinx substitutions across the narrative documentation and docstrings. (#1147)

Trivial/Internal Changes

  • Simplified handling of package dependencies. Removed duplicated requirements files, centralizing them instead. Allowed developer dependencies installation as either pip install plasmapy[developer] or pip install requirements.txt. (#789)

  • Rework flake8 configuration in CI, which was previously only checking a few errors due to a misconfiguration. (#1062)

  • Add pydocstyle to continuous integration, to hopefully make writing prettier docstrings easier. (#1062)

  • Add flake8-rst-docstrings to catch RST formatting errors in documentation in the linter stage of continuous integration. (#1062)

  • Added pytest-regressions to testing dependencies, to make regression tests a little easier to write. (#1084)

  • Fixed a minor error in the ExB drift notebook. (#1088)

  • Upgrade nbqa to latest available version (0.6.0) (#1104)

  • Move our custom pre-commit style testing suite to, taking advantage of the new autofix command that allows manually calling for pre-commit to be run. Simply type that as a comment to a PR. (#1106)

  • Enabled some flake8 checks that were being ignored Fixed majority of those flake8 errors that popped up after removal in various files Readded error codes W605, RST210 to ignored list under flake8 checks in setup.cfg (#1116)

  • Added tests using `hypothesis <>`__. (#1125)