Test helper functionality for PlasmaPy and affiliated packages.

Sub-Packages & Modules


Exceptions that describe different types of test failures.


ExceptionMismatchFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when an exception is expected, but a different exception is raised.


Exception for when the inputs to a test are not valid.

MissingExceptionFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when the expected exception is not raised.

MissingWarningFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when an expected warning is not issued.

TestFailed(msg, pytrace)

Base exception for test failures.

TypeMismatchFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when the type of the actual result differs from the type of the expected result.

UnexpectedExceptionFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when an exception is raised unexpectedly.

UnexpectedResultFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when the returned value does not match the value that was expected.

UnexpectedWarningFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when a warning is issued unexpectedly.

WarningMismatchFail(msg, pytrace)

Exception for when a warning is expected, but one or more different warnings were issued instead.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.ExceptionMismatchFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.InvalidTestError, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.MissingExceptionFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.MissingWarningFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.TestFailed, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.TypeMismatchFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.UnexpectedExceptionFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.UnexpectedResultFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.UnexpectedWarningFail, plasmapy.tests.helpers.exceptions.WarningMismatchFail