Atomic (plasmapy.atomic)


The atomic subpackage provides access to information about atoms, ions, isotopes, and other particles.

See Also

  • The mendeleev Python package provides access to properties of elements, isotopes, and ions in the periodic table of elements.



atomic_number(element) Return the number of protons in an atom, isotope, or ion.
atomic_symbol(element) Return the atomic symbol.
common_isotopes(argument, …) Return a list of isotopes of an element with an isotopic abundances greater than zero, or if no input is provided, a list of all such isotopes for every element.
electric_charge(particle) Return the electric charge (in coulombs) of a particle.
element_name(element) Return the name of an element.
half_life(particle, mass_numb) Return the half-life in seconds for unstable isotopes and particles, and numpy.inf in seconds for stable isotopes and particles.
integer_charge(particle) Return the integer charge of a particle.
ionic_symbol(particle, mass_numb, Z) Return the ionic symbol of an ion or neutral atom.
is_stable(particle, mass_numb) Return True for stable isotopes and particles and False for unstable isotopes.
isotope_symbol(isotope, mass_numb) Return the symbol representing an isotope.
isotopic_abundance(isotope, mass_numb) Return the isotopic abundances if known, and otherwise zero.
known_isotopes(argument, …) Return a list of all known isotopes of an element, or a list of all known isotopes of every element if no input is provided.
mass_number(isotope) Get the mass number (the number of protons and neutrons) of an isotope.
nuclear_binding_energy(particle, mass_numb) Return the nuclear binding energy associated with an isotope.
nuclear_reaction_energy(*args, **kwargs) Return the released energy from a nuclear reaction.
particle_input(wrapped_function, require, …) Convert arguments to methods and functions to Particle objects.
particle_mass(particle, *, Z, mass_numb) Return the mass of a particle.
particle_symbol(particle, mass_numb, Z) Return the symbol of a particle.
reduced_mass(test_particle, target_particle) Find the reduced mass between two particles.
stable_isotopes(argument, …) Return a list of all stable isotopes of an element, or if no input is provided, a list of all such isotopes for every element.
standard_atomic_weight(element) Return the standard (conventional) atomic weight of an element based on the relative abundances of isotopes in terrestrial environments.


IonizationState(particle[, ionic_fractions]) Representation of the ionization state distribution of a single element or isotope.
IonizationStates(inputs, numpy.ndarray], …) Describe the ionization state distributions of multiple elements or isotopes.
Particle(argument, numbers.Integral], …) A class for an individual particle or antiparticle.
State(integer_charge, ionic_fraction, …)

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of plasmapy.atomic.ionization_state.IonizationState, plasmapy.atomic.ionization_states.IonizationStates, plasmapy.atomic.particle_class.Particle, plasmapy.atomic.ionization_state.State