Particles (plasmapy.particles)


The particles subpackage provides access to information about atoms, ions, isotopes, and other particles.

See Also

  • The mendeleev Python package provides access to properties of elements, isotopes, and ions in the periodic table of elements.



json_load_particle(fp, *[, cls]) A convenient form of json.load to deserialize a JSON document into a PlasmaPy particle object.
json_loads_particle(s, *[, cls]) A convenient form of json.loads to deserialize a JSON string into a PlasmaPy particle object.


AbstractParticle An abstract base class that defines the interface for particles.
CustomParticle(mass, charge, <class >) = None) A class to represent custom particles.
DimensionlessParticle(*, mass, charge) A class to represent dimensionless custom particles.
Particle(argument, numbers.Integral], …) A class for an individual particle or antiparticle.
ParticleJSONDecoder(*[, object_hook]) A custom JSONDecoder class to deserialize JSON objects into PlasmaPy particle objects.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of plasmapy.particles.particle_class.AbstractParticle, plasmapy.particles.particle_class.CustomParticle, plasmapy.particles.particle_class.DimensionlessParticle, plasmapy.particles.particle_class.Particle, plasmapy.particles.serialization.ParticleJSONDecoder