Acknowledging and Citing

If you use PlasmaPy for a project that results in a publication, we ask that you cite the Zenodo record for the specific version of PlasmaPy used in your project. Citing a software package promotes scientific reproducibility, gives credit to its developers, and highlights the importance of software as a vital research product.

Version 2023.5.1 of PlasmaPy may be cited with the following reference:

PlasmaPy Community et al. (2023). PlasmaPy, version 2023.5.1, Zenodo,

This reference may be made, for example, by adding the following line to the methods or acknowledgments section of a paper.

This research made use of PlasmaPy version 2023.5.1, a community-developed open source Python package for plasma research and education (PlasmaPy Community et al. 2023).

We encourage authors to acknowledge the packages that PlasmaPy depends on, such as Astropy, NumPy, and SciPy.


If you use a function that implements a technique originally from a research article referenced in its documentation, please also cite that research article.


A development version of PlasmaPy should not be cited or used in published work.


A paper written using AASTeX should use the \software{PlasmaPy} command to cite PlasmaPy.


All public releases of PlasmaPy are openly archived in the PlasmaPy Community on Zenodo.