Source code for plasmapy_sphinx

This `Sphinx <>`__ extension package
contains custom documentation functionality used to document
`PlasmaPy's packages <>`_ .

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This package is currently not released in any form and can only be obtained by
installing `plasmapy` directly from its
`GitHub repository <>`_.  We do plan to breakout
`plasmapy_sphinx` into its own repository and release it to at
a future date.


To enable `plasmapy_sphinx`'s functionality it needs to be added to the
:confval:`extensions` configuration value in your ```` file.

.. code-block::

    extensions = ["plasmapy_sphinx"]

If you don't want all of `plasmapy_sphinx`'s functionality, then any module
containing a Sphinx ``setup()`` function can be activated independently.  For
example, you can just implement the :rst:dir:`automodapi` functionality by
setting up the `plasmapy_sphinx.autodoc.automodapi` module like...

.. code-block::

    extensions = ["plasmapy_sphinx.autodoc.automodapi"]

The Rundown


   The `plasmapy_sphinx.autodoc` sub-package contains functionality that extends
   `sphinx.ext.autodoc`.  The defined directives are registered as
   `sphinx.ext.autodoc` directives and, thus, will behave similarly to
   :rst:dir:`autoclass`, :rst:dir:`autofunction`, etc. and work with
   `sphinx.ext.autosummary` and `plasmapy_sphinx.automodsumm`.


   The `plasmapy_sphinx.automodsumm` sub-package is an evolution of
   `sphinx.ext.autosummary` and was adapted from `sphinx_automodapi.automodsumm`.
   Unlike the :rst:dir:`autosummary` directive where you have to manually list
   all the objects/members to appear in the summary table, the
   :rst:dir:`automodsumm` directive will inspect a given module and automatically
   populate the summary table with the detected objects/members.


   This sub-package contains custom reStructuredText directives and roles that
   do not fall under `plasmapy_sphinx.autodoc` or `plasmapy_sphinx.automodsumm`.

# The code here was adapted from v0.14.0.dev0 of sphinx_automodapi

from sphinx.application import Sphinx

from . import autodoc, automodsumm, directives, utils

[docs] def setup(app: Sphinx): """The `sphinx` ``setup()`` function for the `plasmapy_sphinx` extension.""" # Note: automodsum is setup by autodoc.setup since it is needed for # autodoc.automodapi directives.setup(app) rtn = autodoc.setup(app) return rtn