plasmapy.particles.atomic.periodic_table_category(argument: Union[str, numbers.Integral]) → str

Return the periodic table category.

Parameters:argument (str or int) – Atomic number (either integer or string), atomic symbol (e.g., "H", string), or element name (e.g., "francium", string).
Returns:category – The periodic table category of the element.
Return type:str
Raises:TypeError – If the argument is not a str or int.

See also

~plasmapy.particles.periodic_table_period : returns periodic table
period of element.
~plasmapy.particles.periodic_table_group : returns periodic table
group of element.
~plasmapy.particles.periodic_table_block : returns periodic table
block of element.


>>> periodic_table_category(82)
'post-transition metal'
>>> periodic_table_category("85")
>>> periodic_table_category("Ra")
'alkaline earth metal'
>>> periodic_table_category("rhodium")
'transition metal'