Feedback and Communication

Matrix chat room

The primary communication channel for PlasmaPy is our Matrix chat room. There is also a Gitter bridge to this chat room.

GitHub Discussions page

PlasmaPy’s GitHub Discussions page is a great place to suggest ideas, bring up discussion topics, and ask questions in threaded public discussions.

Mailing list

We also have a low traffic mailing list for occasional announcements and infrequent discussions.

Suggestion box

We have a suggestion box if you would like to (optionally anonymously) suggest a feature/topic for consideration. These will be reposted as GitHub issues, as appropriate, for further discussion.

Meetings and events

Please check PlasmaPy meetings for regularly scheduled meetings and special events. The regularly scheduled meetings include a community meeting to discuss code development, a project meeting to discuss broader aspects of the PlasmaPy project like education and outreach to the broader plasma community, and meetings of PlasmaPy working groups. The special events include Plasma Hack Week.