Contributor Guide

Thank you for your interest in contributing to PlasmaPy! ✨ The future of the project depends on people like you, so we really appreciate it! 🌱

While this guide describes the process of contributing code, documentation, and tests to PlasmaPy, there are many other ways to contribute. Some of the many possibilities are to:

  • Contribute new code, documentation, and tests.

  • Refactor existing code and tests.

  • Improve the description of plasma physics in PlasmaPy’s documentation.

  • Write educational Jupyter notebook that introduce plasma concepts using PlasmaPy.

  • Create videos that show how to use PlasmaPy. 🎥

  • Participate in code reviews.

  • Help with project management.

  • Request new features.

  • Report bugs. 🐞

  • Improve PlasmaPy’s website.

  • Help organize events such as Plasma Hack Week. 📆

  • Provide feedback on how existing functionality could be improved.

  • Help update PlasmaPy’s development roadmap. 🛣️

  • Be part of the PlasmaPy community!

Please feel free to reach out to us in PlasmaPy’s Matrix chat room or during PlasmaPy’s weekly office hours.