plasmapy.diagnostics.langmuir.extrapolate_electron_current(probe_characteristic, fit, bimaxwellian=False, visualize=False)

Extrapolate the electron current from the Maxwellian electron temperature obtained in the exponential growth region.

  • probe_characteristic (Characteristic) – The probe characteristic that is being analyzed.

  • fit (ndarray) – Polynomial fit coefficients returned by the electron temperature fit.

  • bimaxwellian (bool, optional) – If True the electron current is extrapolated assuming bi-Maxwellian electron populations, as opposed to Maxwellian. Default is False.

  • visualize (bool, optional) – If True a plot of the extracted electron current is shown. Default is False.


electron_current – The extrapolated electron current characteristic.

Return type



Assuming the electron population is fully Maxwellian the pure electron current is extrapolated from the fit of the exponential region for the entire bias range.