PlasmaPy: A plasma physics Python package

Welcome to the plasmapy package, an open source community-developed Python package for the plasma community. Documentation is available in the docstrings and online at (accessible also using the online_help() function).

Sub-Packages & Modules

diagnostics The diagnostics subpackage contains functionality for defining diagnostic parameters and processing data collected by diagnostics, synthetic or experimental.
formulary The formulary subpackage contains commonly used formulae from plasma science.
particles The plasmapy.particles subpackage provides access to information about atoms, isotopes, ions, and other particles.
simulation Module containing plasma simulation tools.
utils Package of functions and classes used to develop clean, readable, and informative code.


online_help(query) Search the online PlasmaPy documentation for the given query from Opens the results in the default web browser.


__version__ PlasmaPy version string
__citation__ PlasmaPy citation instructions