The analytical subpackage contains functionality associated with analytical dispersion solutions.


This functionality is under development. Backward incompatible changes might occur in future releases.

Sub-Packages & Modules


Objects for representing magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves.


Functionality for calculating the numerical solutions to the Stix cold plasma function.


Functionality for calculating various analytical solutions to the two fluid dispersion relation.


AbstractMHDWave(B, density, Unit), ion, *, ...)

Abstract base class for magnetohydrodynamic waves.

AlfvenWave(B, density, Unit), ion, *, T, ...)

A class to represent magnetohydrodynamic Alfvén waves.

FastMagnetosonicWave(B, density, Unit), ion, ...)

A class to represent fast magnetosonic waves.

SlowMagnetosonicWave(B, density, Unit), ion, ...)

A class to represent slow magnetosonic waves.

Inheritance diagram of plasmapy.dispersion.analytical.mhd_waves_.AbstractMHDWave, plasmapy.dispersion.analytical.mhd_waves_.AlfvenWave, plasmapy.dispersion.analytical.mhd_waves_.FastMagnetosonicWave, plasmapy.dispersion.analytical.mhd_waves_.SlowMagnetosonicWave


mhd_waves(*args, **kwargs)

Returns a dictionary containing objects of the three magnetohydrodynamic waves with identical parameters.

stix(B, w, ions, n_i, theta)

Calculate the cold plasma dispersion function presented by Stix [1992], and discussed by Bellan [2012].

two_fluid(B, ion, k, n_i, theta, *, T_e, T_i)

Using the solution provided by Bellan [2012], calculate the analytical solution to the two fluid, low-frequency (\(ω/kc ≪ 1\)) dispersion relation presented by Stringer [1963].

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