Source code for plasmapy.simulation.abstractions

Abstract classes for numerical simulations.

.. attention::


__all__ = [

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

import astropy.units as u

[docs] class AbstractSimulation(ABC): """ A prototype abstract interface for numerical simulations. .. attention:: |expect-api-changes| """
[docs] @abstractmethod def summarize(self): """ Print a summary of the simulation parameters and status. """ ...
[docs] @abstractmethod def initialize(self) -> None: """Prepare the simulation to be run.""" ...
[docs] @abstractmethod def simulate(self): """Perform the simulation.""" ...
[docs] @abstractmethod def finalize(self) -> None: """Perform the steps to close the simulation.""" ...
[docs] class AbstractTimeDependentSimulation(AbstractSimulation): """ A prototype abstract interface for time-dependent numerical simulations. .. warning:: This interface is unstable and is subject to change. """
[docs] class AbstractNormalizations(ABC): """ An abstract base class to represent the normalization constants for systems of equations describing plasmas. .. warning:: This interface is unstable and is subject to change. """ @property @abstractmethod def current_density(self) -> u.Quantity[u.A / u.m**2]: """The current density normalization.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def diffusivity(self) -> u.Quantity[u.m**2 / u.s]: """The normalization for diffusivity.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def dynamic_viscosity(self) -> u.Quantity[u.Pa * u.s]: """The normalization for dynamic viscosity.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def electric_field(self) -> u.Quantity[u.V / u.m]: """The electric field normalization.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def heat_flux(self) -> u.Quantity[u.J * u.m**-2 * u.s**-1]: """The normalization for heat flux.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def length(self) -> u.Quantity[u.m]: """The normalization for length.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def magnetic_field(self) -> u.Quantity[u.T]: """The magnetic field normalization.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def magnetic_flux(self) -> u.Quantity[u.T * u.m]: """The normalization for the magnetic flux or vector potential.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def mass(self) -> u.Quantity[]: """The normalization for mass.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def mass_density(self) -> u.Quantity[ / u.m**3]: """The normalization for mass density.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def number_density(self) -> u.Quantity[u.m**-3]: """The normalization for number density.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def pressure(self) -> u.Quantity[u.Pa]: """The normalization for pressure.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def temperature(self) -> u.Quantity[u.K]: """The normalization for temperature.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def thermal_conductivity(self) -> u.Quantity[u.W / u.m / u.K]: """The normalization for thermal conductivity.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def time(self) -> u.Quantity[u.s]: """The normalization for time.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def wavenumber(self) -> u.Quantity[u.m**-1]: """The normalization for inverse length.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def velocity(self) -> u.Quantity[u.m / u.s]: """The normalization for velocity.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def volumetric_heating_rate(self) -> u.Quantity[u.J * u.m**-3 * u.s**-1]: """The normalization for the volumetric heating rate.""" ... @property @abstractmethod def volumetric_rate(self) -> u.Quantity[u.m**-3 * u.s**-1]: """ The normalization for a volumetric rate. This normalization is applicable to, for example, the number of collisions per unit volume per unit time. """ ...