Functionality for determining the floating potential of a Langmuir sweep.


VFExtras(vf_err, rsq, fitted_func, islands, ...)

Create a tuple containing the extra parameters calculated by find_floating_potential.

Inheritance diagram of plasmapy.analysis.swept_langmuir.floating_potential.VFExtras


find_floating_potential(voltage, current[, ...])

Determine the floating potential (\(V_f\)) for a given current-voltage (IV) curve obtained from a swept Langmuir probe.


PlasmaPy provides aliases of the most common plasma functionality for user convenience. Aliases in PlasmaPy are denoted with a trailing underscore (e.g., alias_). For further details, please refer to the contributor guide’s section on aliases.

find_vf_(voltage, current[, threshold, ...])

Alias to find_floating_potential().