PlasmaPy v2023.10.0 (2023-10-20)

Backwards Incompatible Changes


Bug Fixes

Improved Documentation

  • Updated the code contribution workflow in the Contributor Guide to describe how to use git pull. (#2193)

  • Expanded the troubleshooting section of the Documentation Guide to describe how to resolve warnings related to documents not being included in any toctrees. (#2257)

  • Added a step to the code contribution workflow about using git status to verify that there have been no changes to tracked files before creating and switching to a new branch. (#2263)

  • Added a page to the Contributor Guide about pre-commit, including how to troubleshoot test failures. (#2265)

  • Added to PlasmaPy’s GitHub repository. This page refers contributors to PlasmaPy’s Contributor Guide. (#2266)

  • Enabled the sphinx.ext.duration extension to show the times required to process different pages during documentation builds. (#2268)

  • Enabled the sphinx.ext.viewcode extension for adding links in the documentation to pages containing the source code. (#2269)

  • Moved definitions of certain reStructuredText substitutions from docs/common_links.rst to the file docs/contributing/doc_guide.rst in order to speed up the documentation build (see #2277). (#2272)

  • Implemented sphinxcontrib-globalsubs to enable global reStructuredText substitutions to be used throughout the documentation, and moved the definition of substitutions from docs/common_links.rst to the global_substitutions dict in docs/ (#2281)

  • Changed from astropy import units as u to import astropy.units as u and from astropy import constants as const to import astropy.constants as const throughout the code in order to increase consistency of import statements. (#2282)

  • Added and applied nbqa-ruff to our suite of pre-commit hooks so that ruff can perform code quality checks on our example notebooks. (#2302)

  • Renamed docs/ to docs/, and updated the functionality contained within that file for converting author information in CITATION.cff into a reStructuredText author list to be included in the documentation. (#2307)

  • Fixed broken hyperlinks and reStructuredText references. (#2308)

  • Replaced from plasmapy.particles import * in docs/notebooks/getting_started/particles.ipynb with imports of the actual functions and classes that were used. (#2311)

  • Applied minor refactorings and formatting improvements to docs/notebooks/dispersion/stix_dispersion.ipynb. (#2312)

  • Updated the Coding Guide by discussing when to use aliases and applied the :py: role so that in-line code gets formatted the same as Python code blocks. (#2324)

  • Updated the docstrings and type hint annotations in plasmapy.formulary.lengths. (#2356)

  • Refactored docs/ to improve organization. (#2363)

  • Updated the narrative documentation on particle objects to include CustomParticle, DimensionlessParticle, and ParticleList objects. (#2377)

Trivial/Internal Changes