Length Plasma Parameters (plasmapy.formulary.lengths)

Functions to calculate fundamental plasma length parameters.


Debye_length(T_e, n_e)

Calculate the characteristic decay length for electric fields,

gyroradius(B, particle, *[, Vperp, T_i, T])

Return the particle gyroradius.

inertial_length(n, particle)

Calculate a charged particle's inertial length.


PlasmaPy provides short-named (alias) versions of the most common plasma functionality. These aliases are only given to functionality where there is a common lexicon in the community, for example plasma_frequency has the alias wp_. All aliases in PlasmaPy are denoted with a trailing underscore _.

cwp_(n, particle)

Alias to inertial_length.

lambdaD_(T_e, n_e)

Alias to Debye_length.

rc_(B, particle, *[, Vperp, T_i, T])

Alias to gyroradius.

rhoc_(B, particle, *[, Vperp, T_i, T])

Alias to gyroradius.