Thomson scattering

Defines the Thomson scattering analysis module as part of plasmapy.diagnostics.


spectral_density(wavelengths, ...[, efract, ...])

Calculate the spectral density function for Thomson scattering of a probe laser beam by a multi-species Maxwellian plasma.

spectral_density_model(wavelengths, ...)

Returns a lmfit.model.Model function for Thomson spectral density function.


Much of PlasmaPy’s functionality incorporates Astropy units for user convenience and to mitigate calculation errors from inappropriate units, but this comes at the sacrifice of speed. While this penalty is not significant for typical use, it can become substantial during intensive numerical calculations. Lite-functions are introduced for the specific case where speed matters, but [USER NOTICE] this comes with the reduction of safeguards so a user needs to know what they are doing! For additional details look to the glossary entry for lite-function.

spectral_density_lite(wavelengths, ...[, ...])

The lite-function version of spectral_density.