class plasmapy.diagnostics.charged_particle_radiography.detector_stacks.Layer(thickness: Quantity, energy_axis: Quantity, stopping_power: Quantity, mass_density: Quantity | None = None, active: bool = True, name: str = '')[source]

Bases: object

A layer in a detector film stack.

The layer could either be an active layer (the actual film medium) or an inum_active layer (a filter or inum_active part of the film, such as a substrate.)

Tabulated stopping powers for protons and electrons can be found in the NIST PSTAR database and the NIST ESTAR database.

  • thickness (Quantity) – The thickness of the layer, in units convertible to meters.

  • energy_axis (Quantity) – The energies corresponding to the stopping power array.

  • stopping_power (Quantity) – The stopping power in the material. Either the linear stopping power (units of J/m) or the mass stopping power (units convertible to J m2 / kg) can be provided. If the mass stopping power is provided, the material_density keyword is required.

  • mass_density (Quantity, optional) – The material mass density in units convertible to kg/m3. This keyword is required if the provided stopping power is the mass stopping power.

  • active (bool, default: True) – If True, this layer is marked as an active layer.

  • name (str, optional) – An optional name for the layer.