plasmapy.diagnostics.langmuir.extract_exponential_section(probe_characteristic, T_e=None, ion_current=None)[source]

Extract the section of exponential electron current growth from the probe characteristic.

  • probe_characteristic (Characteristic) – The probe characteristic that is being analyzed.

  • T_e (Quantity, optional) – If given, the electron temperature can improve the accuracy of the bounds of the exponential region.

  • ion_current (Characteristic, optional) – If given, the ion current will be subtracted from the probe characteristic to yield a better estimate of the electron current in the exponential region.


exponential_section – The exponential electron current growth section.

Return type:



This function extracts the region of exponential electron growth from the probe characteristic under the assumption that this bias region is bounded by the floating and plasma potentials. Additionally, an improvement in accuracy can be made when the electron temperature is supplied.