plasmapy.diagnostics.langmuir.extrapolate_electron_current(probe_characteristic, fit, bimaxwellian: bool = False, visualize: bool = False)[source]

Extrapolate the electron current from the Maxwellian electron temperature obtained in the exponential growth region.

  • probe_characteristic (Characteristic) – The probe characteristic that is being analyzed.

  • fit (numpy.ndarray) – Polynomial fit coefficients returned by the electron temperature fit.

  • bimaxwellian (bool, optional) – If True the electron current is extrapolated assuming bi-Maxwellian electron populations, as opposed to Maxwellian. Default is False.

  • visualize (bool, optional) – If True a plot of the extracted electron current is shown. Default is False.


electron_current – The extrapolated electron current characteristic.

Return type:



Assuming the electron population is fully Maxwellian the pure electron current is extrapolated from the fit of the exponential region for the entire bias range.