Quantum physics functions (plasmapy.formulary.quantum)

Functions for quantum parameters, including electron degenerate gases and warm dense matter.


chemical_potential(n_e, T) Calculate the ideal chemical potential.
deBroglie_wavelength(V, particle) Calculates the de Broglie wavelength.
Ef_(n_e) Alias to Fermi_energy().
Fermi_energy(n_e) Calculate the kinetic energy in a degenerate electron gas.
lambdaDB_(V, particle) Alias to deBroglie_wavelength().
lambdaDB_th_(T_e) Alias to thermal_deBroglie_wavelength().
Thomas_Fermi_length(n_e) Calculate the exponential scale length for charge screening for cold and dense plasmas.
thermal_deBroglie_wavelength(T_e) Calculate the thermal deBroglie wavelength for electrons.
Wigner_Seitz_radius(n) Calculate the Wigner-Seitz radius, which approximates the inter- particle spacing.