The Analysis and Diagnostic framework is in active development at the moment. For the foreseeable future, the API will be in continuous flux as functionality is added and modified. To follow the package development please visit our GitHub Project ( ) and comment on any of the relevant issues and/or pull requests.

Swept Langmuir Analysis Module

Subpackage containing routines for analyzing swept Langmuir probe traces.

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Sub-Packages & Modules


Functionality for determining the floating potential of a Langmuir sweep.


Helper functions for analyzing swept Langmuir traces.


check_sweep(voltage, current[, strip_units])

Function for checking that the voltage and current arrays are properly formatted for analysis by plasmapy.analysis.swept_langmuir.

find_floating_potential(voltage, current[, ...])

Determines the floating potential (\(V_f\)) for a given current-voltage (IV) curve obtained from a swept Langmuir probe.


PlasmaPy provides short-named (alias) versions of the most common plasma functionality. These aliases are only given to functionality where there is a common lexicon in the community, for example plasma_frequency has the alias wp_. All aliases in PlasmaPy are denoted with a trailing underscore _.

find_vf_(voltage, current[, threshold, ...])

Alias to find_floating_potential().