Particle drifts (plasmapy.formulary.drifts)

Functions for calculating particle drifts.


diamagnetic_drift(dp, B, n, q)

Calculate the diamagnetic fluid perpendicular drift.

ExB_drift(E, B)

Calculate the "electric cross magnetic" particle drift.

force_drift(F, B, q)

Calculate the general force drift for a particle in a magnetic field.


PlasmaPy provides aliases of the most common plasma functionality for user convenience. Aliases in PlasmaPy are denoted with a trailing underscore (e.g., alias_). For further details, please refer to the contributor guide’s section on aliases.

vd_(dp, B, n, q)

Alias to diamagnetic_drift.

veb_(E, B)

Alias to ExB_drift.

vfd_(F, B, q)

Alias to force_drift.