Dimensionless parameters (plasmapy.formulary.dimensionless)

Module of dimensionless plasma parameters.

These are especially important for determining what regime a plasma is in. (e.g., turbulent, quantum, collisional, etc.).

For example, plasmas at high (much larger than 1) Reynolds numbers are highly turbulent, while turbulence is negligible at low Reynolds numbers.


beta(T, n, B)

Compute the ratio of thermal pressure to magnetic pressure.

Debye_number(T_e, n_e)

Return the number of electrons within a sphere with a radius of the Debye length.

Hall_parameter(n, T, B, ion, particle[, ...])

Calculate the particle Hall parameter for a plasma.

Lundquist_number(L, B, density, sigma[, ...])

Compute the Lundquist number.

Mag_Reynolds(U, L, sigma)

Compute the magnetic Reynolds number.

quantum_theta(T, n_e)

Compare Fermi energy to thermal kinetic energy to check if quantum effects are important.

Reynolds_number(rho, U, L, mu)

Compute the Reynolds number.


PlasmaPy provides aliases of the most common plasma functionality for user convenience. Aliases in PlasmaPy are denoted with a trailing underscore (e.g., alias_). For further details, please refer to the contributor guide’s section on aliases.

betaH_(n, T, B, ion, particle[, ...])

Alias to Hall_parameter.

nD_(T_e, n_e)

Alias to Debye_number.

Re_(rho, U, L, mu)

Alias to Reynolds_number.

Rm_(U, L, sigma)

Alias to Mag_Reynolds.