Dielectric functions (plasmapy.formulary.dielectric)

Functions to calculate plasma dielectric parameters.


RotatingTensorElements(left, right, plasma)

Output type for cold_plasma_permittivity_LRP.

StixTensorElements(sum, difference, plasma)

Output type for cold_plasma_permittivity_SDP.

Inheritance diagram of plasmapy.formulary.dielectric.RotatingTensorElements, plasmapy.formulary.dielectric.StixTensorElements


cold_plasma_permittivity_LRP(B, species, n, ...)

Magnetized cold plasma dielectric permittivity tensor elements.

cold_plasma_permittivity_SDP(B, species, n, ...)

Magnetized cold plasma dielectric permittivity tensor elements.

permittivity_1D_Maxwellian(omega, kWave, T, ...)

Compute the classical dielectric permittivity for a 1D Maxwellian plasma.


Lite-functions are optimized versions of existing plasmapy functions that are intended for applications where computational efficiency matters most. Lite-functions accept numbers and NumPy arrays that are implicitly assumed to be in SI units, and do not accept Quantity objects as inputs. For further details, please refer to the contributor guide’s section on lite-functions.


Lite-functions do not include the safeguards that are included in most plasmapy.formulary functions. When using lite-functions, it is vital to double-check your implementation!

permittivity_1D_Maxwellian_lite(omega, ...)

The lite-function for permittivity_1D_Maxwellian.