plasmapy.formulary.dielectric.permittivity_1D_Maxwellian_lite(omega, kWave, vth, wp)[source]

The lite-function for permittivity_1D_Maxwellian. Performs the same calculations as permittivity_1D_Maxwellian, but is intended for computational use and, thus, has data conditioning safeguards removed.

  • omega (array_like of real positive values) – The frequency, in rad/s, of the electromagnetic wave propagating through the plasma.

  • kWave (array_like of real values) – The corresponding wavenumber, in rad/m, of the electromagnetic wave propagating through the plasma.

  • vth (float) – The 3D, most probable thermal speed, in m/s. (i.e. it includes the factor of \(\sqrt{2}\), see thermal speed notes)

  • wp (float) – The plasma frequency, in rad/s.


chi – The ion or the electron dielectric permittivity of the plasma. This is a dimensionless quantity.

Return type:

array_like of complex values


>>> import astropy.units as u
>>> from plasmapy.formulary import thermal_speed, plasma_frequency
>>> T = 30 * u.eV
>>> n = 1e18 ***-3
>>> particle = "Ne"
>>> Z = 8
>>> omega = 3.541e15  # in rad/s
>>> vth = thermal_speed(T=T, particle=particle).value
>>> wp = plasma_frequency(n=n, particle=particle, Z=Z).value
>>> k_wave = omega / vth
>>> permittivity_1D_Maxwellian_lite(omega, k_wave, vth=vth, wp=wp)